John Philip Sousa
Eddy Seger
Seger gives a lively impersonation of
John Philip Sousa as he details the
March King's

Childhood and Family
Education and Teachers
Marine Apprentice Musician Years
Theater Orchestra Days
Marine Band Years
Personal Accounts of Five Presidents
Sousa Band Decades
European and World Tours
Final Days
Observations, Opinions, and Anecdotes
"...touching, illuminating,
Eddy Seger as the "March King"
Seger's Sousa is available for meetings, seminars, classes, chautauquas and the like.  Programs can
be tailored to range from one to three hours including time for questions.  Seger encourages the use
of a local band to augment the presentation, and will be glad to direct Sousa favorites.
For more information, rates and arrangements, contact Seger at 302-653-5621 or
John Philip Sousa
John Philip Sousa
Photo by Christy (Seger) McLaughlin