Eddy Seger and the "Estella Dawn" on the
Mississippi River
Mayersville, Mississippi
August 8, 1991
"Are you nuts?!"
"Do you have a death wish?!"
"Haven't you ever seen



Ever want to go on a really big
journey?  Alone?  Start
somewhere with six bucks in
your pocket and not know from
night to night where you'll be
laying your head?  Trust in the
kindness of strangers?

Share the preparations, joys,
trepidation, perils and sheer
exhilaration of a 58-day solo
canoe trip down the Mighty
Mississippi.  Allow Eddy Seger
to introduce you to the colorful
personalities, events, vistas and
river towns that made for a truly
memorable journey from Lake
Itasca, Minnesota 2,208 miles to
New Orleans.  From the locks of
the north to the levees of the
south, there's plenty of River
stories to be told.
For arrangements and fees,
contact Seger at

Have Canoe,
    Will Travel
Have Canoe,
    Will Travel
On the River in Palisade, Minnesota
June 1991