The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid
Rehoboth Elementary School        March 2013
The folks at Rehoboth Elementary School
have a reputation for putting on spectacular
shows, and not just the elementary school
variety.  Director Kristin Gray and
Technical Director Kevin Carter asked Seger
to augment an already-rented backdrop to
create eight scenes that would change quickly
and carry on their tradition of exceptional

This is the result.
Ariel's Grotto
The Ship needed to be
believable and versatile.  Seger
created a rocking bridge with
an operating wheel.
The school offered 4'x 8'
double-sided panels that were
paired to make 8'x 8' rolling
walls.  Seger extended the panels
with clouds, palm trees, coral
and shipwrecks.
The Beach
Triton's Court
Ursula's Lair
The Palace Kitchen
The Palace Hall
The Lagoon
This is an indication of Rehoboth Elementary's dedication to quality.  Along with appropriate
makeup, great sound and lighting, the costumes were absolutely enchanting -- created by parents
and fellow teachers -- making the production a source of tremendous school and community pride.
Ariel's Grotto