Giacomo Puccini's
(Sister Angelica)
Il Tabarro
(The Cloak)
Suor Angelica
(Sister Angelica)
Gianni Schicchi
(The Cloak)
Il Tabarro
University of Delaware
Opera Theatre

Dr. Blake Smith, Director
Dr. James Allen Anderson, Conductor
Eddy Seger, Set Design
Stephen Litterst, Lighting

Three one-act operas.  Three very different
settings.  Puccini combined a Parisian
waterfront, a convent, and the apartment of a
very wealthy-now-deceased fellow to give us a
glimpse of vengeance, redemption and a fight
over a mule.  
Thompson Theatre
May 2012
The barge was eleven feet wide and
sixteen feet long with a hold with a
working door and stairs.  Seger also
provided the cloak used to cover the
fatal deed.
Seger built the street organ
indicated in Puccini's score.
The story of a nun with a secret
and her ultimate redemption
takes place within the walls of a
convent.  The fountain flows
with plastic food wrap.
For the ill-fated Parisian love
triangle of 1915, Seger provided
a warf scene with a streetlamp,
ramp, barge, bridge and view of
Paris in the background.
Originally set in 1299 Florence, Dr. Smith updated the scene to a
contemporary high-end New York apartment, asking for a portrait of the
mule (spoken of in the libretto) to be placed over the bed of the
deceased.  Seger responded with an edgy look, including gray walls and
woodwork, twelve-foot Jackson Pollack drapery, a balcony with a view
of Central Park and the New York skyline in the distance, and artwork
on the walls, highlighted by the three large (five by five) panels above the
For the astute viewer, the three paintings above the windows represented each of the
evening's offerings, hence, a triptych.
I l  T r i t t i c o
(The Triptych)
The warehouse where Seger
builds and paints scenery is just
south of his Clayton studio.
A landscaping concern shares
the space with him as he needs
it, generously making room for
his large drops and wagons.
While birds are ever-present "helpers,"
this time a new family of kittens added
its own "special" touch.  Their
contributions can be found in a variety
of places.  They were delightful.
Scene Shop
Suor Angelica
Gianni Schicchi
I l  T r i t t i c o
I l  T r i t t i c o