Dover. A Christmas Story
"A Story of Faith, Hope & a Honda Rebel Motorcycle"
Dover. A Christmas Story
An Original Christmas Musical
written by Everett DeMorier

Directed by
Dave Aubrey
Everett DeMorier
Jenn Holmes

Sets Designed and Executed by
Eddy Seger
Presented by
First Southern Baptist Church of
A fifty-by-eighteen-foot trapezoidal
thrust stage in the sanctuary with
no proscenium, no wings, no fly space
and no theater lighting.

But a determined and generous  
congregation with a heart as big as all
outdoors joined with a writer, directors
and pastors with a message and a
mission to create a powerful force.  
They asked Seger to design a full-stage
Loockerman Street, a full-stage
Bethlehem, and the interiors of a
garage, living room, Old State House
and a mall scene.  He responded with
thirty-six 3'x 12' flats that became
periaktoi, three platforms and a
painted scrim.  With the help of many
hands, the set was completed in just
four weeks.  To top it off, when he
suggested better lighting for next year,
they asked him to draw up what he

The next day, bars and cable were
installed along with ten ellipsoidals.

A powerful force.
Loockerman Exchange.
Vacant building
and the "Rebel"
A Law Office.
The Bank.
Of all the painting Seger did on
the set, this aroused the most
admiration and comment.
December 2010
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