Howard Players      Howard High School of Technology     March 2011
Director/teacher Lori Hayes
asked Seger to help with
scenery two weeks before
the show.  However, prior
commitments allowed him
to give them only two actual
production days before
opening night.  After sitting
through a rehearsal, he
decided to build three, 8' x
8' folding panels and fill
them with silhouettes of
each of the actors to give
unity to the production and
help illustrate the theme (the
question of having sex at a
young age).

The result would be a
powerful statement - both
dramatically and visually -  
versatile enough to take on
the road and play in just
about any venue.
Written and Directed by Lori Hayes
Director and Cast at curtain call.
Wilmington, Delaware
Even the
agreed to
strike a pose.
Sets by Eddy Seger